Saturday, June 20, 2009

I've always sucked at this!

Keeping up on blogs that is! hahah. Whew times have changed sense the last post.

The biggest is that we are moving. We were out in Colorado visiting our family for spring break when Jesse got the call....the Army is overstaffed so they are letting some recruiters go back to the main line early! Sweeeeeeetttttttt!!!! We HATE recruiting. I've said before I'd rather him be deployed. Crazy statement I know, but until you've lived in the hell we call recruiting you cant fully understand.....I know I didnt.

So we were all excited, wondering where we'd end up. We were pretty sure we'd end back up in Ft. Sill at least for a little while, figured Jess would go back over the big pond to the sand box within 6 months of getting there...we were fine with least it wasnt recruiting! So we waited...literally for months! (spring break was in March) They gave us our choices Ft. Lewis, Ft. Hood, Ft. Sill or Ft. Bragg if he went to Korea first for a year. We didnt want to have him leave here directly to a year tour over there so we told them we'd take Ft. Sill. This was at the beginning of April. So we waited again, thinking that when he finally got orders they would be to Ft. Sill for sure. Boy were we wrong. Finally in the beginning of May we heard back from them. He was going to Korea no matter!

So now he's scheduled to leave sometime in November, although he's trying to get his report date moved up sometime in October. The kids and I are headed to Colorado the beginning of August to stay with my parents for the year because as of right now we dont know where we will be going when he comes home and probably wont know until he's about 1/2 way through his tour. Gotta love it.

Anyway thats all for now lol I started writing this hours ago and I know there was more I wanted to say but I cant remember what it was anymore haha.