Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nervous wreck!

So the day FINALLY came!  Jesse is on his way here! Woohoo!  But of course today is our first day of "real" snow I will be a nervous wreck until he pulls into the driveway, sometime around midnight tonight lol.  Granted we are only supposed to get an inch or two...and as far as I can tell it's not sticking to the roads (our roads are slushy, but they are dirt) but I also cant help but of course hype myself up and think about them freezing overnight...ugh.  And as if worrying about him driving here isnt bad enough, I'm worried about my mom driving home from work in this crap too lol.  She works up in the Springs (about 45 min North of us) and they always get the weather worse than we do sense they are at a higher elevation and closer to the mountains...ugh.  My stress level has shot wayyyy up today lol.

Here's to hoping everyone in my family makes it home safely tonight, so they can laugh at me for being a worry wart! lol

Saturday, October 10, 2009


We are down to under 2 weeks until Jesse gets here!  Yay!  It's been over 2 months right now sense we've seen him, and we all miss him like crazy!  Even though we only get 3 weeks with him until he leaves again I'm planning on enjoying that time as much as I can!  Still not sure how I'll handle it once he leaves here for Korea, but I'm trying my hardest to not think about that right now lol.

It's freezing cold here today...literally lol.  It's 25 right now with a windchill of  14!!  I am NOT used to this kind of weather anymore lol got spoiled living in semi warm places.  Oklahoma it RARELY snowed.  Yeah it got cold, but I think the most snow we ever got there at one time was 3 or 4 inches, and we lived there for 6 years lol.  Here if you get 3 or 4 inches thats considered a "light" snow lol.  Although it doesnt snow that often down here in Pueblo, about as much as it does in MO which is only a couple times a year. 

Going to look at a new van on Monday woohoo.  My dad says it's a steal, so hopefully that will turn out well!  I've been limping along on mine for a while just keeping my fingers crossed that it doesnt die in the middle of the road lol.  That and I ran over a nail at some point last weekend, and of course it's in a spot that cant be I was waiting for the 15th to replace it (all of my tires actually...they need it!) so that will save us from shelling out $200 to do that if I get this van.  We werent planning on buying a new car this soon (ok this van isnt new lol but new to us) but when a deal like this falls into your lap it's hard to turn down lol.

The kids are all doing really well...getting excited for Jesse to come out of course!  I went to an IEP meeting for Doug on Tuesday, and was pleasantly surprised at all the good things they had to say about him.  Last year his behavior was horrid at school.  His teachers here though said that he's very well mannered, kind, attentive, and always comes to school ready to work!  Definitely makes me think that his behavior last year was more teacher/school related than him though.  I told them also that he'd been diagnosed with ADHD last year and they were all shocked!  He's been off of his meds for about 6 months now, and is showing no behavioral problems what so ever here.  All in all he just seems happier here than he was in MO, which makes me feel even better about coming here. 

Anyway I hear Logan waking up, guess it's time to get off of here.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Jesse's Blanket

It's finally done!  Yay!  Now of course Bekah says she wants one just like it...please just shoot me now lmao.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lots to do today!

So I havent posted in a week...and thats not because I forgot, it's because I honestly have nothing to update on lol.  All 3 kids got sick over the weekend, with low grade fevers.  Logan was the only one who threw up, and that was only once.  Bekah just had he fever for a day and Doug got the fever plus a cough (Logan got the cough too). 

Today is payday!!  Woohoo lol.  Which means massive to do list and errands to run.  Today I have to
  • put gas in my car
  • go to walmart 
  • go to YMCA to sign up and sign paper
  • go to old navy to see if they have pants and such for the kids uniforms
  • go to hobby lobby for yarn (might wait until this weekend sense I'll be at the mall then anyway for a hair cut)
I think thats it?  I wanna get as much of this done before noon as I can (noon is nap time lol) not sure if I'll be able to get it all done though. 

I also need to order Bekah's new glasses today.  I swear this kid is so hard on glasses it's not funny lol.  This pair is all bent out of shape from her brother stepping on them (she left them on the floor @@) and somehow she's managed to chip pieces out of the lenses.  I got the scratch resistant ones because her other ones were all scratched up in no time, so instead she just takes whole pieces out of them lol.  Granted the pair she has now are still wearable, but I'd rather put those up in a safe place for "just incase" she breaks the new ones again.

Anyway the dogs are bugging me to take them outside so I guess it's time to go.  Three more weeks until Jesse gets here!