Monday, January 25, 2010


First things first, I still havent smoked!  Not even a puff...who knew I could pull this off? LOL It's been over a month now, and I feel great.  I do still get cravings once in a blue moon but it's rare now so thats awesome lol.   Jesse quit smoking too!  It's been just over a week for him.  He's doing a lot better now than he was doing at first so thats a plus lol.  In a way it was probably a bit harder for him than it was for me sense he chewed too....but nothing for him in just over a week now.  I'm proud of him :)

He's been gone for almost 3 months now.  Hard to believe that we've hardly used up any of the time yet....but sometimes it seems like the kids and I have been here forever.  Then again we have been here for the past 6 months so that could have something to do with it lol.   I cant wait until June when he comes home for mid-tour.  It's amazing the little things you miss.  Someone to talk to at the end of the day, and just someone to sit and watch TV with, or both of you sitting there reading your own books.  Yes we do that often  lol...even having both of us do our own things on the computers but we were still "together".    You forget to appreciate the little things when you are together for a long time...and even though recruiting kept us separated quite a bit I still forgot.  Yeah I like being around my parents, and I like the fact that the kids get to spend so much time with them...and I've met some awesome people down here...but I cant wait to leave.  Nothing against people here of course, I just hate not having my family fun what so ever. 

Anyway, only about 4 1/2 months until we get to see him again....can the time go a little quicker please?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New computer

So I finally have a new computer woohoo!  Thanks to Jesse finishing his college classes in X amount of time, I got a free Dell laptop lol.  Makes me a happy camper :)  Makes for a happy family in general actually because now we can do video chats with Jesse, with not only video but sound too.  It's awesome and a HUGE improvement to what it was like the last 2 times he was deployed where all we had was the web  cam really and even that froze and lagged like crazy lol.  Kinda neat to watch him playing with Logan, and he's 1/2 a world away.

Turns out that this computer came just in time too...sense apparently I have a virus on that one that I cant heal and now I have to just wipe my whole computer.  Fun stuff.  Which means loosing a ton of music and pictures.  Thankfully I got a lot of my old pictures out of there before the virus, and the newer ones are posted either on facebook or on myspace.  The only music I'm bothered by is a CD from high school when my choir went and sang at a special competition, and as far as I know thats where the only copy of it is....grrr.

Ok so thats all I've got for now lol

Friday, January 8, 2010


Ok I promised updates, so here we go lol.

First and foremost, my health scare.  A week before Christmas, I was getting the kids ready for school....when suddenly my left arm and leg started to tingle like they were going numb, and I got light headed.  I got really scared and had my mom take me to the ER.  I got admitted to the hospital for the next 24hrs and had a million tests ran on me.  Basically they thought I had a minor 27 (ok almost 28 lol).  They couldnt find anything that would prove that I did (no blood clots, heart was fine, ect) so they think it was migraine induced.  The morning that all this happened I woke up with a headache, and apparently you can have a migraine without the horrible pain.  So essentially I'm perfectly fine...but just the thought that I had symptoms of a stroke with how young I am was enough to scare me out of smoking sense I know smoking increases your chances of having a real one.  So at least something good came out of the whole ordeal, sense I'm terrified to even think about lighting up a cigarette now lol.  Tomorrow marks 3 weeks of no smoking for me woohoo!  I've never made it this long before and it feels great!  So yeah that was my scare.  Fun times.

Other than that things are going really good.  Christmas was great and the kids loved opening up all there presents.  Would have been even better if Jess had been here, but he did at least get to watch on the web thats something!

I managed to pull something in my back when I went to the gym on Tuesday.....feels fine most of the time until I move "just so" and bam...big time pain.  So I'll be taking it easy for the rest of the week and hopefully getting back into it on Monday!

Jesse is doing good as he can be for being so far away.  He takes a very important test on Monday, so I've got my fingers crossed for him!  Hoping it goes smoothly!

Yeah thats all I've got for now lol I'm hungry, time to go find something for breakfast!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy 2010!

Ok so it's been a month on the nose sense I've posted!  Eeek!  This one probably wont be too long either.  But I wanted to do a quick post about my new years resolution! 

Typically like everyone else, it's to loose weight, quit smoking, ect!  Well I've already quit smoking (2 weeks today woot!!) thanks to a health scare (more on that later).  And instead of trying so hard to loose weight and being so hard on myself, I've decided that I'm going to stop.  Stop being so stressed out by how I look and what the scale says, and work on being happy with me.  Yes I'm still going to continue going to the gym and such but no more obsessing about what the scale says.  I've been so worried about my body image when I had no reason to.  My husband still loves me, is still very much attracted to me, and I have no health concerns linked to my weight.  So why stress over it?  I think it will make me an all around happier person!  Easy resolution you'd think right?  Haha we'll see....I've had a bad body image sense I was a teen.

Today marks my 28th birthday, a whole new year all around....wonder what it will bring?