Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New computer

So I finally have a new computer woohoo!  Thanks to Jesse finishing his college classes in X amount of time, I got a free Dell laptop lol.  Makes me a happy camper :)  Makes for a happy family in general actually because now we can do video chats with Jesse, with not only video but sound too.  It's awesome and a HUGE improvement to what it was like the last 2 times he was deployed where all we had was the web  cam really and even that froze and lagged like crazy lol.  Kinda neat to watch him playing with Logan, and he's 1/2 a world away.

Turns out that this computer came just in time too...sense apparently I have a virus on that one that I cant heal and now I have to just wipe my whole computer.  Fun stuff.  Which means loosing a ton of music and pictures.  Thankfully I got a lot of my old pictures out of there before the virus, and the newer ones are posted either on facebook or on myspace.  The only music I'm bothered by is a CD from high school when my choir went and sang at a special competition, and as far as I know thats where the only copy of it is....grrr.

Ok so thats all I've got for now lol


Frankie said...

You sure there is no way you can save your stuff? Like a computer store or something that could get them off? Sweet on the computer!! YAY!

Kristen said...

not as far as I mom is a computer geek and she says the only thing to do is wipe way of knowing if the files I want are infected or not. Blah