Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy 2010!

Ok so it's been a month on the nose sense I've posted!  Eeek!  This one probably wont be too long either.  But I wanted to do a quick post about my new years resolution! 

Typically like everyone else, it's to loose weight, quit smoking, ect!  Well I've already quit smoking (2 weeks today woot!!) thanks to a health scare (more on that later).  And instead of trying so hard to loose weight and being so hard on myself, I've decided that I'm going to stop.  Stop being so stressed out by how I look and what the scale says, and work on being happy with me.  Yes I'm still going to continue going to the gym and such but no more obsessing about what the scale says.  I've been so worried about my body image when I had no reason to.  My husband still loves me, is still very much attracted to me, and I have no health concerns linked to my weight.  So why stress over it?  I think it will make me an all around happier person!  Easy resolution you'd think right?  Haha we'll see....I've had a bad body image sense I was a teen.

Today marks my 28th birthday, a whole new year all around....wonder what it will bring?

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