Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm a sucker and I know it

Well I made it until this morning...which was day 10 mind you...before I broke down and bought cigarettes.  Pfft.  Cant even make an excuse thats worth anything because there isnt one lol. 

Logan is at least still off the sippy cup lol, at least I know thats one thing we wont be going back to.  He still fights sleep for at least a little while ever single night, but it's never for more than a few minutes.  Ok well it's only a few minutes of actual crying lol he's been in bed for the past 45 min...talked for 43 of those minutes to Doug and cried for the last he's quiet.  I'm beginning to think he's getting his 3 year molars already, even though he's been a late teether his whole life because he's been pooing up a storm.  Or it could just be the fact that he's eating more real food and WAY less milk so his body is adjusting.  Who knows.  Either way I'm tired of changing poopie diapers, time for this kid to potty train!  Maybe that will be my new years resolution get him potty trained. 

I'm TRYING to stay positive for the holidays, but it's definitely not easy.  Hard to stay happy and look forward to all the family stuff when Jesse isnt here.  Oh well...I'll get through it and the kids will have an awesome Christmas, and thats all that matters! 

Bekah is only a week away from turning 7.  How in the hell did she get that old?  Then talking to an old friend on the phone, and we talked about how some girls are losing there virginity at 10 these days.  WTF?  10??!!??  Thats only 3 years away!  There is no way in hell my child will be loosing hers that early, but still the thought of a 10 year old not only knowing what sex is and how it's done, but actually DOING it just amazes me!  You are still a baby at 10 for crying out loud!  Definitely have NO business doing stuff like that.  I'm hoping my "honesty is the best policy" take on things is the best way to go with her.  Every day she asks more questions along that line it seems...not sex per say but how babies are made and where they come from... and I tell her what I think is appropriate for her age and I'm worried that I'll be giving her too much information lol.  She's been curious ever sense I got pregnant with Logan though, so it's been an ongoing process with her.  I guess all I can do though is do my best to teach all of them to be smart, and hope they make the right choices!

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