Thursday, February 18, 2010


Where to begin?  I guess the best place is to say that today is the two month anniversary of me not smoking!  Yay me!  I wont lie and say I havent wanted to smoke at all sense I quit, but all in all it's been amazingly easy for me this go around.  Guess a health scare will do that to you lol.

I have my good and bad days with dealing with Jess being gone.  Funny enough I think it's actually HARDER being here with my parents than it was doing it alone.  Part of me still wishes I had stayed where I was, but I wont deny that I haven't had the chance to meet some awesome people being here, and getting back in touch with some old friends.   But I do miss having my own house, that I get to do things my way in.  Hard to go from running your own place for the past 10 years to having to do things someone elses' way again.  That and it is really nice for the kids to get to know my parents really well. 

I need to buckle down and get Logan potty trained.  He knows what he's supposed to do, he's pee'd and poop'd in the potty now it's time to get him to do it consistently.  I'd really like to have him trained by the time he turns 3, which means I have almost exactly 2 months to do this lol.  I think from now on when we are at home I'll start keeping him in underwear, unless it's nap time of course, and go from there. 

I finally seem to have found my groove again with going to the gym.  Ever sense I got out of the hospital I've been real sporadic about going.  This week was the first week in a long time that I've gone more than once or twice lol.  Today made day 3 in a row, and I plan on going tomorrow as well.  I'd like to start going at least 5 days a week but cant decide if I want Monday to be a class or just go and do some cardio.   Guess we'll just have to wait and see lol.

I hate fact that I cant vent about things that are bothering me on here in fear of who may read it.  I need to have a private journal or something where I can just complain and no one knows lol.   

Ok this post is all over the place, lol time to end it while it still makes a little bit of sense. 

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