Wednesday, November 25, 2009

See no biggie!

LOL I can say that isnt what I've been saying the last few days though!  Logan is still off of the sippy (yay!!!!) Last night was the best night by far.  He talked to poor Doug for about an hour haha and then cried for about 15 or 20 min, then slept ALL NIGHT!!!  I swear to you this boy has only slept through the night a hand full of times his entire life.  I'm hoping last night was just a sign that he'll be doing it more often now!  The night before was a rough one though.  He cried for at least an hour before he finally went to sleep.  Then woke up maybe 1 1/2 hrs after he finally went to sleep.  So I laid on Doug's bed again, until about 1 in the morning when I'd had enough of him wanting to lay with me, and then changing his mind and wanting to lay in his bed.  ugh!!!  So yeah I left him in his bed and came down here and went to sleep...didnt hear a peep out of him until about 6:30 or so when he got up for the day.   So yeah needless to say it's going pretty smoothly!  I came soooo close to breaking down and buying him cups while we were at walmart yesterday  but now I'm really glad I didnt!

I'm still smoke free :)  Although with this sippy cup situation I honestly thought I was going to go to the store and either buy cups or cigarettes lol.  I'm happy to say I did neither though!  Today is only day 3 though so I'm not too excited yet lol.  Although starting tomorrow my mom is home for almost a full week so I know if anyone will keep me on track it's her lol sense she quit over a year and a half ago!  I'm just tired of feeling like I "need" to smoke, and trying to remember what I liked about it so much lol.  Not a whole lot really!

Went to the gym again today...for Lori's "turkey" workout.  Holy crap!  I thought all the other kickboxing classes were hard lol this one was insane!  Two days in a row of having to do walking lunges (ouch) then you have the counting kicks or what ever it is that she calls them (another ouch) then the shuffles, and the sprints.  I decided that between today and yesterday's workouts, she just wanted us to be too tired to even think about over eating tomorrow lol.  THEN Friday she's having her "post turkey" workout.  I'm not sure I'll be able to move this weekend lol. 

Trying not to get discouraged about inches and lbs not coming off quicker.  I know it's going to take some time, but for some reason the impatience is setting in lol.  I think next week (after AF leaves!!) I'm going to do the commit to get fit thing at the gym.  It's free!  Woohoo lol and I get to get advice from a trainer lol.

Anyway sounds like Logan finally went down for his nap.  I need to go feed the older 2, dry and fix my hair, and then do some cleaning.

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